Pancakes with semolina

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On the website there are several options of pancakes with semolina. This one has the greatest amount of semolina to the flour ( basically flour can be eliminated altogether by replacing an equal amount of monkey) that does not affect the thickness of the pancake, and just an interesting note for comparison with the classic pancakes. The recipe was taken from Luda ( perhaps this is the only recipe that I had her copy since she deleted my journal). And this is the only yeast pancakes, which I failed immediately and without "first coma")))

Ingredients for Pancakes with semolina

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with semolina

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Bake and grease each pancake with melted butter. Pay attention - in the dough, no butter, no vegetable oil!

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The filling can be any. I wanted - with cherry jam.

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But what are the light)))

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Flour, semolina and yeast mix. Immediately a reservation - please carefully read the user manual to the yeast - some need to be dissolved in the liquid. Add sugar, salt.

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The eggs in a separate container whisk until smooth ( to my surprise I bought eggs with two yolks, so I have 6 in a bowl the yolks of three eggs).
Add water, milk and mix all of the dry mixture.

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Knead the dough until smooth and leave in a warm place for 45 minutes. Frankly, when I baked these pancakes for the first time, at this point, I felt sad... it was Too watery and ugly slush I got it... But what to do, left in the allotted time... And what was my surprise when after 45 minutes, found in the wonderful bowl, pyshnenko pancake batter! So - do not panic - wait!