Cream sauce with smoked salmon

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This sauce was to die for! Creamy base, a bright touch of salmon, and in the end, the full balance of taste. A miracle sauce!

Ingredients for Cream sauce with smoked salmon

Step by step instruction of cooking Cream sauce with smoked salmon

Шаг 1

Slice 1 onion shallot and 1 clove of chesnee

Шаг 2

Reheat in a deep frying pan sunflower oil Oleina and saute until tender onion and garlic.

Шаг 3

Chop the Basil leaves or parsley

Шаг 4

Pour into the pan the cream, season with salt

Шаг 5

add 1 teaspoon of starch diluted in a little water and cook on low heat until thick

Шаг 6

With salmon fillet to remove the skin and cut the fish in small pieces

Шаг 7

Add the cream to the salmon, season with pepper, stir the contents and remove from heat.

Шаг 8

On a dry pan to dry the pine nuts.

Шаг 9

To the cooled sauce add the herbs and pine nuts.

Шаг 10

To serve with pancakes

Шаг 11

Bon appetit!