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Simple and very tasty dish of Cypriot cuisine! A worthy rival of the barbecue! Economical and quick to prepare.

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Sheftalia

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Sheftalia

Step 1

Fat mesh, rinsed under cold water and soak in water with the addition of a small amount of 9% vinegar for 20-30 minutes.
In a bowl, add the ground beef, ground fat, chopped! onion, chopped! parsley, salt, pepper. Mix thoroughly.
Tip: Seasonings for the barbecue and other spices to add are not worth it, is not very good. Also with the herbs in the composition. Fans of cilantro, Regan, etc., suggest to use it all fresh ready sheftalia (as do I).

Step 2

To form oblong "cakes", wrap each "cake" completely in the fat mesh in single layer. Impossible! beat the stuffing as meatballs!

Step 3

You should not scare a large amount of pork fat in the meals, it does not spoil, but will only make juicier. Bold is not, excess fat will mytopics.

Step 4

Put the resulting semi tightly to the grill and fry on hot, lightly "grizzled" coals until tender, turning regularly bars (so it turns out juicier).
Tip: heat should not be strong, otherwise the dish will burn.

Step 5

Feeding sheftalia best with fresh vegetables, olives and sauces (good sauces Zaziki and Satsebeli). By the way, vegetables, olives, herbs and onions are coarsely cut and wrapped in thin pita bread with sheftalia and sauce turns out very tasty!