Carrot-coconut rice

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I often garnish cooked rice, in my family, he always goes Bang. I'm interested in any new version of cooking or just feeding Fig. In this recipe the rice is not only good and interesting taste, but it could become an independent specialty. I made it with fish, but with meat and chicken. You can also try this. Bon appetit!

Ingredients for Carrot-coconut rice

Step by step instruction of cooking Carrot-coconut rice

Шаг 1

The rice had fish lingcod.

Шаг 2

Wash, peel, add salt, season with spices, sprinkle with lemon juice and leave to slightly promarinovatsya.

Шаг 3

For cooking rice, we need these products.

Шаг 4

Rice cover with cold salted water, bring to a boil and cook until tender.

Шаг 5

Coconut fry without adding fat.

Шаг 6

The coconut chips must acquire a milky appearance.

Шаг 7

Peel the carrot and finely chop it.

Шаг 8

Melt in the pan butter.

Шаг 9

Fry in butter carrots. Add sugar and give carrots to be covered by caramel (burnt) sugar.

Шаг 10

Combine rice, coconut and carrots.

Шаг 11

Cover with a lid and give a little brew.

Шаг 12

Fish roll in flour or other breading.

Шаг 13

Fry in vegetable oil.

Шаг 14

Fish served on a platter with garnish of rice, garnish with herbs. Bon appetit!