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Pancakes with cottage cheese and pineapple

Pancakes with cottage cheese and pineapple

Pancakes with pineapple flavor, stuffed with cottage cheese and poppy fillings and caramelized pineapples, laid in the form and baked under a creamy pineapple filling. Very gentle and airy.

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings7

Ingredients for Pancakes with cottage cheese and pineapple

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancakes with cottage cheese and pineapple

Step 1

For the filling, prepare the pineapple - heated vegetable oil TM"they"

Step 2

Add brown sugar and heat for 1-2 minutes until the sugar dissolves

Step 3

In the hot caramel to put the pineapple cut into small cubes. Stir, heat 1 minute and remove from heat to cool

Step 4

Cook the pancakes. For the dough put all the ingredients into the container by a stroke of luck-everything is quickly mixed using a mixer

Step 5

Fry in vegetable oil TM"they" 7 thin pancakes on both sides (I have a frying pan diameter 26 cm)

Step 6

For the filling, put all in a bowl (except protein) and mix until smooth

Step 7

Add the beaten egg to a solid foam proteins, and gently, the back of a spoon, mix until smooth

Step 8

The finished pancake in the middle put 2 tbsp curd-poppy-seed filling

Step 9

For the filling put 1 tsp. of caramelized pineapple

Step 10

Bring the edges of the pancakes around the circle and put in a baking dish (I form 29cm in diameter, greased with vegetable oil TM"generous gift".

Step 11

Also to do with the rest of the pancakes, placing 6 pieces in a circle and the last 7 in the middle. Between the pancakes must remain a small distance is to fill

Step 12

To prepare the filling, mixing until smooth all the ingredients. Obtained by pouring water all the pancakes, trying not to get inside pancakes for the filling, but to throw all the edges of the pancakes.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes until cooked fill-it needs to be baked and set.

Step 13

The finished cake to get, cool slightly. It can be eaten warm or cold. Optionally sprinkle with powdered sugar

Step 14

On the plate a separate piece of pancake with a filling surrounded by pudding fill