Spicy potato filling for pancakes

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For lovers of potatoes and unusual combinations - stuffed potatoes with mint and a Vinaigrette dressing. In explanation of the recipe for Gordon Ramsay.

Ingredients for Spicy potato filling for pancakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Spicy potato filling for pancakes

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So first, you need to prepare a Vinaigrette sauce.
This time I was not prepared the classic version and is focused on products that were present in the house. Recipe Gordon Ramsay needs to take palm and olive trees and Peanut butter, I took Sunflower oil and walnut Oil.
From the specified quantity of products we have out of about 250ml of the sauce. Very spicy taste, truly resembling our favorite salad.

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Now put boil potatoes in lightly salted water, adding a bundle of fresh mint. Ideally, potatoes should be young.

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And while cooking the potatoes, prepare the pancakes. Today I cooked a mixture of spelt and oat flour. Beat eggs, salt, sugar and flour until the consistency of thick cream, add the butter and milk, stir and allow to stand for.

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Bake pancakes. I baked a medium size, it came out about 15 pieces. In the photo a bit obvious that the pancakes turn out "correct" porous.

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At this time boiled our potatoes. Now it should finely chop, season with salt, pepper and sauce to taste, sprinkle with fresh mint.