Puff "Mouse"

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Good for kids, but adults will be interesting. The camera elegantly fell... pictures unfortunately not high quality-but the idea is good, maybe the moms will come in handy-I'd be happy

Ingredients for Puff "Mouse"

Step by step instruction of cooking Puff "Mouse"

Шаг 1

Roll out the dough, cut out round shape 6 circles. In two randomly cut out several small circles is "holes" on cheese. The two do not touch.
In the center of the second of two semi - circular incision

Шаг 2

Make cones out of foil

Шаг 3

Around cone wrap incised circle. Using foil lift up the dough at the notched location, forming the head of the mouse

Шаг 4

Spread on a baking sheet, the laid paper for baking,
do ears and tails-get))

Шаг 5

Lubricates all parts egg yolk. And in the oven for 5-7 minutes (180 degrees)

Шаг 6

On mugs the whole spread syrkovuyu mass

Шаг 7

Put on top of the "cheese" mugs and presses

Шаг 8

To ground "shrink " the body of the mouse. stick ears, tail, berries make eyes and a nose

Шаг 9

So back

Шаг 10

Our mice are ready!