Pancakes with walnuts, "Turkish"

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For lovers of nuts and everything connected with them. Delicious pancakes with walnut filling will not leave anyone indifferent!

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Ingredients for Pancakes with walnuts, "Turkish"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with walnuts, "Turkish"

Шаг 1

Knead the dough and bake the pancakes

Шаг 2

Hazelnut fry on a dry pan for a few minutes, then grind in a blender

Шаг 3

Add to the nuts, sugar, cinnamon and butter. Good RUB the mixture with a spoon until smooth

Шаг 4

Depending on how much you want the filling, spread the nut mixture on the pancakes, flatten the entire surface

Шаг 5

Roll the pancakes in rolls and cut into small rolls. Put on a dish and pour liquid honey. Bon appetit