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Curd with red fish for pancakes

Curd with red fish for pancakes

I want to share with you, dear Powerade, perhaps, my favorite toppings for pancakes. My whole family loves pancakes like this sweet fragrant tea. Before the cottage cheese I bought, and now do it myself from yogurt, cream weight you will definitely like! If your pancakes add the spinach, they certainly diversify the pancake table.

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Curd with red fish for pancakes

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Curd with red fish for pancakes

Step 1

In the morning you will find niinimaki soft, very pleasant consistency. The idea of cooking this delicacy, thank you Scullion!
Add fresh herbs, crush the garlic and all peremeshaem. Of salt you can add quite a bit, but not necessarily because the fish we already salty.

Step 2

For pancakes knead all the specified ingredients, fry the pancake maker or pan the usual way

Step 3

A few pancakes I baked with spinach. For this you need frozen cube of spinach dipped in hot water, bring to boil and strain. Add to pancake batter. Oil Oleina is added or the dough or use for frying pancakes.

Step 4

These are beautiful pancakes we would get

Step 5

On pancake spread cheese stuffing, tomato slice in the middle and 2 pieces of fish