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Pickle with chicken liver and barley

Pickle with chicken liver and barley

Dear cooks, put on your court my first prescription. Such in the table of contents is not found, but if there are comments, the recipe will be removed. This pickle is cooked really easily, the algorithm of actions of my own, maybe, somewhere is not the same as a classic pickle, but the result is delicious. I have a multicooker 5 litres, a prescription for a full pot.

Cooking time 90 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Pickle with chicken liver and barley

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pickle with chicken liver and barley

Step 1

Add to the onions. In General, do everything consistently, that is, until we cut one, another is fried, but do not forget to stir the ingredients should not boil, but just heat-treated

Step 2

Now is the time for our barley. Drain off water, and add it to the bowl and mix everything together

Step 3

Start to cut the prepared liver. This time I screwed up the cutting, it was decided that all the strips will look more spectacular was that it is better to cut smaller (well, at least I prefer), diced. Also add in the bowl.

Step 4

Potatoes cut into cubes or strips, add to bowl

Step 5

And immediately pour all the boiling water, add the brine, salt. Close the lid on the FRYING mode, keep about 5 minutes the water is boiling. Turn off and turn mode the SOUP for 1 hour

Step 6

About 10 minutes before the end add the Bay leaf and pepper. Serve with sour cream and greens.

Step 7

The first thing before to begin the preparation of all components, boil the kettle, and fill our washed pearl barley with boiling water, cover with a lid. Also put on fire a pot of water to 3.5 liters

Step 8

Multiverse included on the mode FRYING, pour 3 tablespoons Rast oil and add the finely chopped onions

Step 9

Carrots three on a grater