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Sly banana pie "Thanks!"

Sly banana pie "Thanks!"

My dear, beloved cooks! This cake I want to give EACH one OF YOU! Every day You write me nice comments, send reports! When I checked on this site, I did not expect such interest in my recipes! And it's nice when experienced cooks, the recipes of which I have already the spirit captures, write me what I have done! It is beyond words! I'm only 25 and I am very glad that You help me to grow in the culinary field! You so much that I even afraid to list names for fear to forget someone! Thanks to You this website has become for me much more than just "what to cook today"! Gently embrace all of You! PS as for the cake, it is perfect if on the threshold suddenly appeared visit! To prepare for lightning! While people might argue over the last piece! This recipe and fair view borrowed from Jamie Oliver and adapted to our, so to speak, environment. Help yourself!

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings5

Ingredients for Sly banana pie "Thanks!"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Sly banana pie "Thanks!"

Step 1

2 bananas bring down with milk.

Step 2

On a dry pan, pour sugar and put on medium heat until dissolved.

Step 3

When the sugar is dissolved-pour bananas with milk.

Step 4

The mixture will immediately start to boil. Continuously stir!

Step 5

30 seconds later our mixture becomes dark enough. Remove from the heat. The taste You will get something like banana taffy!

Step 6

Pour it on the cake, our caramel will be immediately obvious to congeal. Set aside for 15 minutes to solidify.

Step 7

During this time, whisk the cream until thick sour cream.

Step 8

Add 3 teaspoons of syrup. By the way the coffee is also very tasty!

Step 9

On the cake with caramel spread remaining sliced bananas.

Step 10

Spread cream on top and even out a bit.

Step 11

Decorate with grated chocolate! I still had some strawberries.