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Pancakes with chocolate-almond cream

Pancakes with chocolate-almond cream

I invite all to the pancakes. Today I have pancakes on the beer (with such a characteristic bread flavor). In principle, you can take your favorite recipe of pancakes and submit to him a delicious chocolate cream with almonds.

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Pancakes with chocolate-almond cream

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancakes with chocolate-almond cream

Step 1

Prepare all the ingredients for pancakes. Pancakes can bake to your liking. Today I decided to experiment and made pancakes with beer.

Step 2

Whisk all ingredients in a blender

Step 3

In the resulting dough add vegetable oil Oleina

Step 4

Make some pancakes: average

Step 5

And delicate, using a confectionery bag. I did a flower

Step 6

Almond clear from the shell and dry them on a dry pan. Then grind in a coffee grinder until fine crumbs

Step 7

For the chocolate-almond cream in a saucepan, combine the egg, sugar, sifted flour and cocoa, pour in the warm milk

Step 8

Put on a small fire and proverjaem until thick.
Warm the cream beat butter

Step 9

Add the almond crumbs. Stir.

Step 10

The cooled-down cream coat the whole pancakes, decorate the top delicate. Enjoy your tea!