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Pancake chocolate cake

Pancake chocolate cake

I invite You on a very chocolate cake chocolate sponge pancakes and chocolate custard. For chocolate lovers! At the carnival itself then:)

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Ingredients for Pancake chocolate cake

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancake chocolate cake

Step 1

My first step was to get a mixer. I, as a nursing mom, I appreciate my free time, so hand immediately reached to use the cooking machine.
Melt the butter and let cool slightly. Separate the yolks from the whites. Put whites in refrigerator. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar, vanilla sugar and mix with a mixer. Add butter and milk, mix.

Step 2

Sift the flour, baking powder and cocoa, mix.

Step 3

To get proteins from the refrigerator, add a pinch of salt and beat until peaks.

Step 4

Grease with vegetable oil the pan and put to warm up. Oleyna is ideal for frying sweet pancakes as it makes foreign smell and taste, the pancakes will be sweet and chocolate.

Step 5

Proteins in a few receptions stir into the batter with a spatula to mix from the bottom up, as if folding the dough.

Step 6

Meanwhile, our frying pan is well heated, reduce the heat to medium. Begin cooking the pancakes. Recruit one scoop of dough, pour and distribute evenly over the pan.

Step 7

Expected bubbles on the surface of the pancake.

Step 8

Now for the cream. I recommend to do it before baking pancakes, so he was able to cool down.
Chop the chocolate smaller. From the taste of chocolate depends on the taste of cream, so I recommend to take the one you like. Any, milk, black. The sugar in the cream can be reduce or increase. I have a chocolate 58%. The cream is not very sweet.

Step 9

Mix the egg, sugar and flour. Add the milk and mix well.

Step 10

Put on medium heat and, stirring constantly, to make our cream. The code on the spatula will there are lumps, then the process is going to the end. Not for long leave and intensively mix with whisk, just in case, went to the lumps, return to the fire and wait another minute. On my preparation took about 3-4 minutes.

Step 11

Leave the cream and interfere in the hot chocolate.

Step 12

The cream put in a bowl, cover with clingfilm over the surface and let cool. I put in a container of cold water.

Step 13

Then grease the cooled pancakes with cream and let it soak up. I cooked the cake in the evening, ate in the morning. Turned out to be very chocolate)) mmm))