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Cake without baking "the Marshmallow for mom"

Cake without baking "the Marshmallow for mom"

This is my so-called "impromptu" ) mom has planned an anniversary, we had to make a cake and the oven it was not working, so I came up with this version of the cake without baking) the Result I am very pleased, all the guests liked the cake) If you have the same as we have no oven, this cake is for you) a Minimum of preparation time and maximum pleasure)

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Cake without baking "the Marshmallow for mom"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake without baking "the Marshmallow for mom"

Step 1

So get down) Here are the products we need. The photo is not the chocolates. The idea of decorating with chocolate, appeared at the very end) In principle, it is possible to decorate to Your taste) Coconut, sprinkles pastry shop, etc.

Step 2

Break crackers into small pieces

Step 3

Whisk sour cream with sugar (sugar to taste)

Step 4

Combine the sour cream whipped with sugar with our crackers, mix thoroughly and refrigerate for 10 minutes

Step 5

Then mash the banana and kiwi in a smoothie, put them together

Step 6

Take a marshmallow and cut it like mugs

Step 7

Then spread the marshmallows, I also missed that it was a puree. And alternate layers, the top should be a layer of crackers

Step 8

Further decorate the cake according to your wishes) I put in the middle of a half of marshmallows, and decorated with kiwi, and then another, and chocolate rubbed on a grater and decorated it sides of cake)

Step 9

The finished cake put into the fridge to soak... Bon appetit!
Caloric value per 100 g B/W : 3.57/5.82/39.13 Kcal 204.38