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Chocolate cupcakes with frosting

Chocolate cupcakes with frosting

Chocolate Lenten chocolate Lenten frosting without eggs and dairy products. Lent starts soon and I hope that my recipe will come in handy) Handy it is also just economical Housewives, as well as those who are tired of heavy, greasy pastries and want something easy) to Cook simply and quickly - it turns out tasty and plentiful)

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Chocolate cupcakes with frosting

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chocolate cupcakes with frosting

Step 1

1 Cup = 250 ml

It is quite simple. Like all my recipes)

Turn on the oven to warm at 200 degrees.

1. Mix the dry ingredients.
2. Mix the liquid ingredients.

Step 2

Combine, mix well the dough.

You can add a handful of dried fruit (I had raisins), but without fanaticism)

the dough will be watery)

Step 3

Fill molds 3/4 of the dough. I have the size of the molds is small - the diameter of each cake is 4 cm - so so much)

Bake in preheated oven for 20-30 minutes (readiness check with a skewer - should be dry).

Step 4

Take out from the oven, allow to cool.

Step 5

While cupcakes are cooling make the glaze)

Mix in a bowl cocoa, coffee, sugar.
Add hot water and RUB to a uniform smooth glaze. Water about 3 tbsp, but look at the right density, so the water can be a little more-for less!

You can do this in a water bath, but I just add hot water and carefully interfere)

Step 6

So here is the frosting!

Step 7

When the cupcakes have cooled, take out of the molds.

Step 8

Distribute onto two plates to make it easier to decorate)

Silicone brush spread the frosting and sprinkle with candy sprinkles. Decorate according to the taste and desire!

The topping you can use any - or no)

Step 9

Here are vegetable cupcakes I got!

Put in the fridge for 1-2 hours to frozen glaze)

Step 10

Photos in the section.
The cupcakes are airy, porous, very soft.

Bon appetit!

Thank you for your attention!