Caviar oil

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I am pleased to share with you a recipe that will be the most simple of posted by me on "the Cook". Our family all love caviar oil, but buying it is not always helpful, and from a decent manufacturer prices bite. I figured out how to replace it at home with natural products and do not buy the most expensive caviar. Don't believe the quinoa in this recipe acts as caviar. Her "bursting " the property here is especially vivid and it creates the impression "of Cornesti".

Ingredients for Caviar oil

Step by step instruction of cooking Caviar oil

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The recipe can be used as salted and pickled herring. I had pickled in jars.
Herring remove from the marinade, clean from the bones.

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Cut the herring into pieces and put into blender, add butter and black pepper.

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To scroll in a blender until creamy.

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Quinoa is best to cook in advance. It is important that the seed has not been wet and fully absorb all the water. (Follow the instructions on the package. ) Add quinoa to the oil and stir with a spoon.

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This oil is better cooling, just in a dish or how I wrapped it in plastic wrap or paper (baking) and some time hold in the freezer.

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Take out of freezer and "catch a buzz" with tea.

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"Caviar" oil with bursting "caviar" ready.