"Hedgehogs" in tomato-Apple sauce

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In childhood most of my favorite burgers were just "hedgehogs". So mom called cutlets of meat and rice. Probably because the pic in this embodiment, is impregnated with the juices of the meat and sauce makes it very harmonious. Maybe that's why my children also love this option more than just meatballs with rice on the side. I cook "hedgehogs" in different versions - fried, and baked, with sauce and without. Today I have hedgehogs in tomato-Apple sauce, which is perfect for any meat.

Ingredients for "Hedgehogs" in tomato-Apple sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking "Hedgehogs" in tomato-Apple sauce

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1. Rice add water in a ratio of 1:2, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and cook under cover for 15 minutes to absorb liquid.

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3. Onion and Apple RUB on a grater and mix.

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4. From tomatoes to remove the skin and blend it in a blender. Add a spoonful of flour, a little salt (if necessary) and mix everything carefully together with the juice from under the tomatoes.

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5. At the bottom of the form put Apple-onion mixture into an even layer. With wet hand to form a "hedgehogs" and spread the mixture. Bake at 190 degrees for about 10 minutes to harden.

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6. Pour the meatballs sauce, taking care that it is distributed evenly between the cutlets to the bottom and covered themselves patties and bake for another 20-25 minutes. Serve with sauce.