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Eateries rye pancakes with sprats

Eateries rye pancakes with sprats

An unusual variant of the popular snacks on the festive table. Air and the taste of spicy yeast pancakes made from rye flour. Garlic mustard impregnation and filling of fresh cucumbers with sprats.

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Ingredients for Eateries rye pancakes with sprats

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Eateries rye pancakes with sprats

Step 1

Make the dough for pancakes. Use lukewarm water, dissolve in it the sugar and yeast, add 1 tbsp of wheat flour.

Step 2

Leave in a warm place until the dough will increase in size significantly.

Step 3

When our dough had risen. Add in the yogurt, eggs, salt. Well whisk you enter the rest of the flour. The batter becomes quite thick, pour in sunflower oil. Leave the dough for an hour and a half to rise.

Step 4

When the dough is ready for baking. Cooking oil spray, butter melt. In hot oil, add pressed garlic. Pour a tablespoon of sunflower oil Oleina and add mustard. Mix well.

Step 5

In a well heated pan bake muffin. This time I made them oval. Each pancake impregnate maslina - garlic mixture. The first is worth a try. If it seems that not enough salt, add it is in oil.

Step 6

Allow the pancakes to cool and carefully soak up the garlic butter. Cucumber wash and cut into strips. Under the pancake puts the pen green onions. On pancake spread the cucumber. Then top sproto. We tied onions, spread on a dish and serve.