Sauce "Creme caramel" with gingerbread pancakes

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The caramel sauce itself is good, and in combination with gingerbread pancakes makes a delicious, fragrant, spicy dessert!

Ingredients for Sauce "Creme caramel" with gingerbread pancakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Sauce "Creme caramel" with gingerbread pancakes

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For the cream caramel: pour into a deep saucepan with the sugar and let it heat on medium heat until caramel. Stirring at this stage can not, can only shake the pot, what would the sugar was evenly caramelicious. The caramel should be Golden brown. To overdo the sugar on fire is not necessary, what would the result cream not bitter.

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While cooking the caramel in a separate bowl will heat the cream to boiling and pour them into the caramel, stirring the mixture intensely. Be careful-the liquid will rise strongly (which is why we need a deep saucepan). Cook for 5 minutes, then add the butter and cook for another few minutes, stirring occasionally. In a separate bowl dissolve the starch in cold milk.

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Gradually pour the milk with the starch in the caramel mixture, stirring. Then I did-brought the mixture to a boil, rubbed it through a sieve and put in a water bath boil down to my desired thickness. Then the cream is cooled, stirring occasionally (you can put the pot of cream in a pan with ice water to speed up the process). Put the cream in the container to the surface of the cream put the tape and remove in the cold for it to cool down and solidification.

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For gingerbread pancakes: mix two kinds of flour, spices (except vanilla), salt, sugar and zest ( I used orange sugar). In a separate bowl melt the butter, cool slightly, mix with milk, vanilla sugar and egg yolks.

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Combine liquid and dry ingredients, put the dishes with the dough with film and leave for 3 hours at room t.

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Will beat into a soft mousse white foam and together with the baking powder and add it to the dough.

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Bake pancakes on a heated pan, greased with sunflower oil "generous gift".

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Serve pancakes with on-olstyn layer of cream-caramel!