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Pancakes "stuff It"

Pancakes "stuff It"

"Picardy — historical province and region of Northern France. The main town is Amiens." What can I say? Picardie know a lot about pancakes! Very decent of them "stuff" - rich, fragrant, delicate. Of course, we have similar pancakes, but why not try it?

Cooking time 45 minutes Number of servings5

Ingredients for Pancakes "stuff It"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancakes "stuff It"

Step 1

First prepare the products for pancakes.

Step 2

Mix eggs with milk, add salt and sunflower oil.
Add flour, stir until smooth and pour in beer, stir again.
Leave the pancake batter to ripen on time, prepare the sauce and toppings.

Step 3

Get the products for the sauce.

Step 4

Onion cut into thin half-rings.

Step 5

Fry in a mixture of butter and sunflower oil to light it will turn brown. Add tablespoon of flour and fry for about 1 minute, stirring occasionally. Pour the milk, add a little salt, stirring, cook 7 minutes until thick.

Step 6

Add nutmeg and put sour cream, stir.

Step 7

Once returned to the boil, remove from heat. The sauce is ready.

Step 8

Mushrooms finely chop.

Step 9

Fry until dryness with the addition of sunflower oil.
I advise you not to salt the mushrooms.

Step 10

Ham, finely chop, cheese grate.

Step 11

As soon as the mushrooms will evaporate all the moisture, add the ham and 3 tablespoons sauce.

Step 12

Stir and remove from heat. The stuffing is ready.

Step 13

While the filling cools, make the pancakes. From the offered quantity test recommended bake 10 pancakes, 2 per serving.
I did a half batch just for two.

Step 14

For each pancake put a tablespoon with the top of the filling.

Step 15

A collapsible envelope and put in a greased form for baking.

Step 16

Spread on top all the sauce and sprinkle cheese.

Step 17

Sent in a preheated 200*C oven for 10-15 minutes.
The cheese is melted and slightly browned on the edges.

Step 18

Actually, it is. "Things ready". It is possible to eat.