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Tomato pancakes with Ossetian filling

Tomato pancakes with Ossetian filling

As it turned out, the Ossetian national dish "Tzatiziki" goes well with Russian pancakes, and with pancakes with salty tomatoes. The pancakes were good by themselves, but Ossetian filling perfectly complements them. We liked the combination. I hope YOU will like it and.

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Ingredients for Tomato pancakes with Ossetian filling

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Tomato pancakes with Ossetian filling

Step 1

The ingredients required to make pancakes. With tomatoes in their own juice or canned tomatoes to remove the skins, mash or grind in a blender. The finished tomato mixture should be half Cup.

Step 2

Eggs (2pcs.) mixed with warm milk (2 cups.)

Step 3

Add sugar (2 tsp.)

Step 4

Soda to dissolve in the tomato mixture and pour in the bulk.

Step 5

Mix thoroughly.

Step 6

Add the flour and stir well to avoid lumps.

Step 7

Add 3 tbsp. of sunflower oil "they" classic.

Step 8

Stir again and start baking pancakes.

Step 9

The ingredients that you will need to prepare the filling, "Tzatiziki". Cheese varieties to RUB on a medium grater, the volume should be 1/3 Cup.

Step 10

Sour cream bring to a boil.

Step 11

Gradually, constantly stirring, add the cheese. Bring to a boil.

Step 12

Stirring constantly, add the flour and corn flour. Cook until the appearance of grease on the surface is cream in color and General viscous elastic consistency. Tzatiziki ready, you can serve.