Rye bread "Karelia"

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Elite wheat-rye bread, very similar in taste and method of manufacture on the popular Borodino. A classic recipe that is close to the GOST, but the bread is baked in the bread maker, which greatly simplifies the rather complicated process of cooking.

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Ingredients for Rye bread "Karelia"

Step by step instruction of cooking Rye bread "Karelia"

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We offer the bread almost completely corresponds to the formula "Gostovskogo" Karelian bread. Karelian belongs to the bread custard varieties of rye bread. Welding - dough - dough. Difficult and time consuming, in addition to work with the sticky rye dough - it is fun. Therefore, the use of the bread machine in the manufacture of this bread makes life much. A traditional method of making are well documented in the recipe scullion Laralaram (link to recipe at end of text)

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To obtain a guaranteed result it is desirable to measure the right amount of included in the prescription products with the help of weights. Malt, wheat flour and rye flour all have different density.

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A thermos with a wide throat opolaskivaniem boiling water and pour it in 100 g of water at a temperature of 50 deg C. Add to the flask 100 g rye flour, 50 g rye malt and crushed in a mortar incense (4 grams). Stir. Mixing, pour into the flask 200 g of boiling water. Close the thermos lid and wait for 2 hours.

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Put the tea from the thermos into the bucket of a bread machine. Add 150 g of flour 3 g dry yeast 50 g of water. Include the mode of kneading. For a little while. After five minutes, turn off the bread maker. Waiting for readiness of the dough. This is the moment when it was rising the dough will begin to fall. Will have to wait about three hours.

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Water, molasses, salt and sugar mix and add the yeast mixture. Also add the dried fruit and gently mix the dough. Add flour and include bread in the mode of bread baking. How to select the mode? Regime with duration of about three hours. The dark crust, weight - 1 kg. All you have done their job, now it remains only to wait when will work automatic. If you are an experienced Baker, you better check for yourself how suitable the dough and when the dough is sufficiently rasstaetsja - enable bake for 1 hour. When ready the bread out of the bucket, to cool on a wooden lattice.