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Coconut cake in multivarka

Coconut cake in multivarka

All kind time of day. Today, I want to buy You all a wonderful, flavorful, colorful and delicious cakes. Please do not throw Slippers. Baking with coconut very much, but this recipe I found. Come visit all who are interested.

Cooking time 90 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Coconut cake in multivarka

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Coconut cake in multivarka

Step 1

In softened butter (margarine), add sugar, vanilla sugar and beat at low speed of a mixer until the state of white cream (because I have vanilla sugar was, with the addition of vanilla, I did not white color)

Step 2

One add to the butter mix all the eggs each time, a little whisking with the mixer at the low speed.

Step 3

Sifted flour mixed with baking powder and small portions, add into the egg-butter mixture, each time mixing well with a spatula.

Step 4

Add the room temperature milk and mix well the dough.

Step 5

The chocolate will break into pieces and add to the dough. Mix.

Step 6

Bowl MV grease will a small amount of vegetable (butter) oil and put the dough.

Step 7

Select mode "Baking" set time: 1 h. 05 min. Upon completion of the program leave the cake in the mode of "heating" for 20 min.

Step 8

Pulls out a cupcake with just a bowl for roasting and give the cupcake to cool completely.

Step 9

Apricot jam will heat up in the microwave at maximum power for 30-40 sec. Liberally coat warm jam the top of the cupcake.

Step 10

Sprinkle the top with coconut flakes and decorate with tinned apricots (the author of the recipe). I decorated with wafer flowers.