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Pancake cake with fruit filling and meringue

Pancake cake with fruit filling and meringue

The cake is perfect for dessert on a holiday and in daily life. Make it quite simple. The ingredients are always in the fridge. And flow very will surprise your guests.

Cooking time 40 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Pancake cake with fruit filling and meringue

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancake cake with fruit filling and meringue

Step 1

Whisk egg with salt and sugar. I whipped with a mixer, you can whisk.

Step 2

Add milk and gradually introduce the flour. Then divide the dough into two parts. Can we not do that.

Step 3

In one part add 1 tbsp vegetable oil TM "they" classic. Whisk.

Step 4

To another part add cocoa powder and 1 tbsp vegetable oil TM "they" classic. Whisk.

Step 5

Embers pan on maximum heat. Add a little vegetable oil TM "they"classic.

Step 6

First, fry pancakes without cocoa.

Step 7

Then pancakes with cocoa.

Step 8

Take any hollow shape and cut out the rectangles.

Step 9

Chocolate pancakes circles.

Step 10

Coat the baking pan with parchment. Grease with vegetable oil TM "they" classic.

Step 11

Put two chocolate pancakes and the usual.

Step 12

Chocolate spread peeled and sliced thin on slices of Apple. Sprinkle with sugar.

Step 13

Cover with another pancake. Again the filling and the pancakes will not end or until you have enough. Better to do them is not very high.

Step 14

On regular pancakes put a pre-peeled banana and cut into slices.

Step 15

Also on top of pancake, stuffing, etc. the Fruit can use any.

Step 16

Now make the meringue. We need to whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Start with small revs, gradually increasing them. Then add the sugar and continue to beat to until the whites are here "to stand" with the mixer not to fall.

Step 17

Otkryvaem with a spoon or pastry bag, meringue on the cake. Sent in a preheated to 120 gr. oven for about 10 min. the whole time watching the meringue it should Zabolotets and immediately turn off. You can cook dessert in the form of a large pie. Will be very nice. Apples can be pre-grate and sprinkle with lemon.