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Chicken with rice or pilaf in multivarka

Chicken with rice or pilaf in multivarka

This is a very tasty, healthy and easy dish, though not quite the classic recipe of rice, but it is suitable for dietary and baby food. It uses not a fatty grade of meat and the cooking process in a slow cooker eliminates the strong frying foods. Try it, and, perhaps, this pilaf will be your favorite!!!

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Chicken with rice or pilaf in multivarka

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chicken with rice or pilaf in multivarka

Step 1

Wash the vegetables and peel. Parboiled rice is washed and soaked.

Step 2

Chicken fillet cut into small pieces.

Step 3

In the bowl multivarki pour oil, put chicken, salt, pepper and stir.

Step 4

Onions cut into half rings or quarter rings (optional).

Step 5

Spread it over the prepared chicken meat.

Step 6

Carrots cut small strips.

Step 7

Send it into the slow cooker over the meat and onions, season with salt.

Step 8

Parboiled rice a good wash (you can even soak for 10-15 minutes) and spread evenly in the bowl multivarki.

Step 9

Rice, salt, pepper, add turmeric or spices for pilaf. Pour 2.5-3 cups water (top grains of rice should be only slightly covered with water). Clean 1 clove of garlic, make a few small incisions and insert in the middle of the bowl in Fig. To turn on the "pilaf" for 45 minutes.

Step 10

After completing the program, rice mix well with a silicone spatula and leave in the "keeping it warm" for another 10 minutes.

Step 11

Serve pilaf with fresh vegetables. Bon appetit!