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The precocious multi-colored pancakes

The precocious multi-colored pancakes

Dear cooks and guests! Orthodox Christians cheese week, the people "Carnival" that we inherited from to hristianskogo period, but not lost the love of the people. In these days of good ancient tradition was cooking a lot of different flour izleri. One of the most common dishes were and are still pancakes. There are many ways of cooking them: and sponge and custard, and milk and soda and water, and full sun, and with a variety of fillings. I offer you a pancake recipe on the juice, and your cheese week will be painted in bright festive colors. For beginners hostesses I will try as much detail as possible to describe all the nuances of baking pancakes.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for The precocious multi-colored pancakes

Step-by-step instruction of cooking The precocious multi-colored pancakes

Step 1

Step one. The cast of the juice from each half of the liquid into a separate container where you will mix the dough. Every juice put: 1 egg + 1tbsp. L. sugar + 1 tsp salt + 1 tbsp of semolina and mix thoroughly.

Step 2

Our half-finished non-ferrous pancakes are ready. The dough consistency should be like cream with 20% fat or something between a liquid gruel and milk.

Step 3

We see that in the process, the surface of the pancake bubbles

Step 4

And if you are ready to raise a pancake, you will see that he lace structure.

Step 5

Pancakes are supple and they can be supplied in a variety of ways

Step 6

You can collapse a rose. To do this, fold the pancake in half and begin to collapse

Step 7

Pancake rose is ready. If you bend the edge, it turns an outdoor flower.

Step 8

Bouquet of multicolored roses pancake is ready!

Step 9

Colorful pancakes are ready!

Step 10

Bon appétit!

Step 11

And this is for our favorite! Join us!