Oatmeal with milk fruit

131 - 15 минут 1 порции

Very often we do not have enough time to prepare a quick and hearty Breakfast. Easy, tasty and useful porridge will appeal not only to children but also for adults.

Ingredients for Oatmeal with milk fruit

Step by step instruction of cooking Oatmeal with milk fruit

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Despite the fact that oatmeal is very healthy, I prepare it with fruit. It is suitable even for those who are on a diet. I use fruit syrup or jam. The ingredients that we need to go for one.

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During this time, cut the banana and Apple. You can use any fruit to taste: peaches, cherries, oranges, dried fruit... I still like the blender, mix kiwi, banana and Apple - so delicious!.. Cut fruits in cubes.

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Add the banana, Apple and syrup. And all peremeshaem. Syrup I have cherry, you can take and jam, and jam, and fruit purees - what you like. Another point: the mess I made rather thin, if you like thicker, add more spoons of oat flakes.

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Oatmeal in milk for 15 minutes done! Fruit and syrup give it something different taste... wonderful, fabulous! The kids would love it!)) Prikusku I made a sandwich with Nutella, the preparation of which you will be able to find my recipe "Pancakes with chocolate paste with nuts". Bon appetit!