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Braids with Apple and poppy seeds

Braids with Apple and poppy seeds

As Carnival continues to treat his family different cakes, because there is a Great Post! Although this dough can be done on milk and water, but today put the dough in the serum. The filling is tasty, with spicy notes due to the cardamom, and cinnamon, and poppy absebce makes them festive and elegant

Cooking time 120 minutes Number of servings12

Ingredients for Braids with Apple and poppy seeds

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Braids with Apple and poppy seeds

Step 1

Necessary ingredients for the dough : Flour, butter, eggs, raw chicken, sugar, salt, yeast

Step 2

In the sifted flour beat eggs, then add soft butter, milk, sugar, salt, yeast and mix well. I do this in a food processor.
Carefully vymeshat set for proofing, closing the food processing film for 1-1. 5 hours. I put in Multiverse mode "Control", at 35* for 1 hour.

Step 3

Clear the apples from the skin, remove the core, cut into cubes of about 1cm, placed in a bucket (the pot) fill with sugar, add 2 tablespoons of water and weld. boil until the syrup (but not jam). Cool!

Step 4

COLD! apples C/o strainer to sprinkle 1 tbsp starch (corn me), and then cinnamon 1 tsp. and add the cardamom, mix well

Step 5

Coming up the dough spread on a floured surface, cut the necessary number of the test. cut into serving pieces, roll out into circles.

Step 6

Cut the required number. dough, roll out circles. On the sides, departing at 2 cm from the edges, make cuts. In the middle put the filling (today I have apples), but can be any. For example, cherry, or carrot ( with raisins dimmed, with the addition of cheese), but it
sweet. Then extend the edges into each other
one edge to another

Step 7

Here is the finished braid

Step 8

Spread on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper (I ended it), I just greased the pan with butter, spread the finished braids and brush with beaten egg, then sprinkle with poppy seeds (but you can without a Mac), put in a preheated 190* oven for 20-30 min.

Step 9

Our pletenetsky ready! Cover with a towel and allowed to rest.

Step 10

Spread on a dish. If you sprinkled the poppy seeds, you can sprinkle sugar powder. But in this case, "pletenetsky" will be very sweet.

Step 11

The carnival comes to an end, 2 days left. Ahead Great Post! And again I post my favorite painting, which hangs in my "office" i.e., in my kitchen. This work of a very talented artist (my daughter), she inspires me to cook new and new dishes, and share with you the "cooks", after all, never too late to learn, even for such an adult "cook" it. This picture shows us living in the 21st century, as celebrated Russian holidays by our ancestors and handed down through the generations and their Experience! With The Carnival! Thank you "Cook".