Scrambled eggs on Shrove Tuesday with a light sauce

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Scrambled eggs for Shrove Tuesday with a pancake, vegetables, ovsjanye flakes and sauce made from yogurt with a little imagination in the final. Has a delicate taste, not very harmful to the body and moderately rich. Due to the presence of the damn do not call dish diet, but it is close to such.

Ingredients for Scrambled eggs on Shrove Tuesday with a light sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Scrambled eggs on Shrove Tuesday with a light sauce

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Defrost broccoli, green beans. Slice them relatively finely, but not to mush the beans can simply be cut in half. Part of the meat patties or just ground beef also pomelit. Pancake (I had yeast) can be used as a whole (too much) cut into slices.
In a pan (preferably large diameter) parchment paper for frying (use a high-quality paper coated to be easy after the oven remove the omelet without significant sticking to it), oil, grease, nothing. You can turn a small fire under it to heat and put chopped broccoli, beans and meat filling. Spread evenly in the pan.

Шаг 2

Before filling the pan, prepare the filling for the omelet. To do this, use the eggs (in this case, used 2 eggs and one yolk removed, the omelette went only protein to less holesterina. But you can use whole eggs, it to the discretion), a little milk, add ovsyanyh flakes, a couple of tablespoons; ground black pepper and a mixture of Provencal herbs are added to taste (a couple pinches). All this to bring down the whisk and leave for a couple of minutes to soak the cereal.

Шаг 3

Because the frying pan was heated, then the egg grab, and this "pillow" you can put slices from our pancake slightly surpassing for the vegetables. Then add the remaining filling for the omelet into the pan, spreading it over the entire surface, including the pancakes. Then send the pan in a pre heated oven up to temp-ry 180-200 degrees (I use 200) for baking for 10-15 minutes. Heated you can use simultaneously top and bottom. Of readiness can be judged by lifting the omelet and overall appearance (browned, cooked edges, etc.)

Шаг 4

Remove the pan from the oven and immediately RUB on a small grater cheese. It is necessary that he immediately melted. Cheese you can use either to taste (in this case we used Gouda). Gently lay the omelet on a wide flat plate, try to not broke.

Шаг 5

For the sauce mix yogurt (spoon 4-5 tablespoons to pobolshe happened), tomato paste, sliced dill (any greens you like). Taste and adjust depending on the concentration of the paste (someone loves sharper, somebody with just a hint of tomatoes). Instead of yogurt you can use yogurt and something else similar instead of tomato paste, for example, Lecho.
But the sauce cook to the baking of the omelet, but will make the sauce omelette simply quickly cooled.

Шаг 6

On the omelet put the sauce and spread it evenly across the surface. Add finely chopped onion (can be red, ordinary onions). Then carefully wrap the scrambled eggs in a roll and you can re-sprinkle with a little cheese.
And now as the extras: the photo shows 2 options - using tomato paste + cheese or cheese pour honey (Yes, suddenly:) ) and sheptock ground coffee. Why are 2 options - to appreciate the different tastes and since it is still Breakfast, then let it be a little sweet.
As a drink I suggest to use freshly brewed coffee.
p.s. Depending on the number of eggs and the resulting amount of filling for the omelet varies the thickness and width of the eggs.