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Cheese and currant pancakes

Cheese and currant pancakes

Saturday during the pancake week is called " Zolovkina gatherings". On this day the young daughter-in-law invites and pancakes are my new relatives. Offer to make pancakes with currants, cinnamon and curd mass. Help yourself!

Cooking time 15 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Cheese and currant pancakes

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cheese and currant pancakes

Step 1

In a bowl mix the cheese, sugar, cinnamon and sour cream.

Step 2

Add the red currants. As currant acidic, the sugar should be added at your discretion.

Step 3

Ready pancakes cut into two parts.

Step 4

Grease the pancakes with the stuffing and rolled into a tube. Received straws spread on a plate and sprinkle with chocolate chips.

Bon appetit!