Crepes village

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My mother often made pancakes "cracklings". This was the favorite pancakes of my father. Very tasty and satisfying. These pancakes always remind me of my childhood.

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Cook pancakes on a favorite recipe. I have pancakes on the beer with the addition of sunflower oil.

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In the original "greaves" - the remains of bacon after his "drips" on lard. My mom cut the fat into pieces, put in a cast and was tormented for a long time on the stove. The lard was drained, and the remains are crushed and is also harvested for future use, with the resulting "bacon" cook pancakes, add in the potatoes, buckwheat porridge, and we (the kids) simply smeared on bread, and eat. I slightly adapted the recipe how to cook "greaves" as my mother is not possible. Take a fat and finely-finely chop. We put in a deep cast iron skillet and good Vitarium until the bacon gets crispy. While our bacon to be fried in boiling sunflower oil to fry grated carrots and onions. When the fat is ready drain off the resulting fat and cool "greaves".

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Stuffed with our pancakes. Can some bacon, and you can add fried carrots and onions (only to try and wring out the excess sunflower oil).

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Spread the pancakes on a plate and pour well fried onions and carrots. (My husband puts the veggies slide and eat along with the pancakes as a side dish).