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Pancake snack bar

Pancake snack bar

Many restaurants have a "Salad bar". It's a great idea, you can try all sorts of delicious salads to your choice. So I thought "Pancake bar", especially on Shrove Tuesday, also can be a great lunch or late Breakfast. For the crepe bar, you can prepare 2-3 kinds of pancakes and several types of sauces, meat, fish, vegetables and sweet. Pancakes can be dipped in sauces, and you can water them. Guests definitely will not leave hungry.

Cooking time 120 minutes Number of servings10

Ingredients for Pancake snack bar

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancake snack bar

Step 1

The ingredients for the sauce "Red pesto"

Step 2

1. Tomatoes finely chopped. The garlic to remove "angry".

Step 3

2. Put the tomatoes in a blender along with ¼ oil and grind. Add the garlic and ¼ oil, roll again. Add nuts and ¼ oil and whip.

Step 4

3. Add cheese, freshly ground black pepper and the remaining oil, and scroll again to obtain a slightly grainy sauce.

Step 5

4. Sauce "Red pesto" can be stored in the refrigerator up to two weeks. It can also be served with pasta or put on top of pizza before or after baking. He has a very bright and rich taste.

Step 6

Ingredients for meat stew

Step 7

1. Carrots, celery, bacon and onions cut into small cubes. Garlic and parsley finely chopped. Scald the tomatoes with boiling water, remove the peel and the flesh chopped.

Step 8

2. Heat the oil in a saucepan, add the onion and saute until transparent on medium heat for a few minutes, add the bacon, carrot and celery and cook, stirring occasionally, 6-7 minutes. If you want you can add ½ Cup of dry white wine.

Step 9

3. Add the beef and cook, breaking up pieces of meat, dry meat.

Step 10

4. Add garlic, stir and add tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper, bring to the boil and cook for about another 10 minutes. The liquid should not be too boil, so the sauce was not dry.

Step 11

5. Beef stew can stand in the refrigerator for up to three days. It can also be used as a sauce for pasta or lasagna. The sauce is served hot.

Step 12

Ingredients for the mousse of smoked salmon:

Step 13

1. Mix the sour cream and cheese. Parsley chopped. Squeeze juice from lemon and strain.

Step 14

2. Put in blender 2/3 of the fish, add the lemon juice and 2-3 tbsp of sunflower oil and grind. Add 1/3 of the sour cream mass to scroll again. Add 1/3 of the sour cream and the remaining fish and to scroll through literally a second. Stir the remaining sour cream mass. So you have a sauce with a pleasant texture: the main part of the fish is pureed and 1/3 will remain in small pieces.

Step 15

3. Mousse of smoked salmon stored in the refrigerator up to three days. Its delicious spread on a hot baguette. Also suitable as sauce for spaghetti.

Step 16

The ingredients for the sauce of spinach and cheese

Step 17

1. Cut onion finely and fry in sunflower oil. Add the spinach, stir and season with salt. Cook over medium heat to the leaves of spinach "wilted" and softened. Pour half a Cup of milk, add nutmeg and freshly ground black pepper, stir, remove from heat and allow to cool. Grind the sauce in a blender until smooth.

Step 18

2. Return the sauce to the skillet, add the remaining milk, stir and heat thoroughly. Grate cheese on a medium grater (enough and one kind of cheese).

Step 19

3. Pour cheese in spinach sauce and stir. Cook until then, until the cheese is melted. If the sauce is too thick, add more milk.

Step 20

4. This sauce is stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container up to three days. It can also be used with pasta. The sauce is served hot.

Step 21

All eateries sauces can be prepared in advance.

Step 22

Both sweet and snack sauces for crepes and pancakes you can cook for a couple of days and store in the refrigerator in airtight containers.