Tartlets "Berries"

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A delightful dessert, with a lightweight composition of the dough for tartlets, which crumbles and melts in your mouth. Tender, lemon-vanilla cream, and fragrant berries! Prepare a bright, festive dessert for our dear guests and friends!

Ingredients for Tartlets "Berries"

Step by step instruction of cooking Tartlets "Berries"

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Products for tartlets:

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Wash the lemon, remove the zest, squeeze the juice.
Soft butter mix with sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, add flour mixture (whole wheat flour+rice flour+baking powder), grind into crumbs, add the egg,1 tbsp lemon juice+half the zest. Blindly to the dough, add one tablespoon of COLD water (I have "gone" 2 tbsp)

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Molds for tartlets ( 10,5*8 h2,5 cm)oil small piece of butter, divide the dough into 10 parts, spread on the forms. Remove the prepared tartlets in the cold for 30-45 minutes.

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Products for milky lemon cream:

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In a small saucepan, boil milk (400 ml), add sugar+vanilla sugar. The yolks mix with the remaining cold milk, stir in the starch mixture, pour a fine stream into the hot milk, stirring constantly, cook the mixture until thick 5 minutes, stir in remaining lemon zest. Leave the cream to cool down, to speed up the process, cool in sink with cold water, stirring occasionally.

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In a small bowl mix the jam of FOREST BERRIES+remaining lemon juice, stir in the starch mixture.

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In tartlets put the milk-lemon cream (flush with the top of the plate), sprinkle with a tbsp of berry filling.
Oven 200 degrees, baked for 30-35 minutes.

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Allow to cool completely in the tartlet forms.
Brush the cooled tarts with a thin layer of marmalade for a more nassonova, bright flavor and Shine. Optional (if you have to
freezing the berries)you can decorate with berries.

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Help yourself! Enjoy your tea!