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Pancake-berry millefeuille

Pancake-berry millefeuille

Airy, soft, creamy and very easy topping for pancakes! Help yourself!

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Ingredients for Pancake-berry millefeuille

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancake-berry millefeuille

Step 1

Beautiful, thin pancakes from of Ruzanna! Mix sifted flour, salt, sugar. Combine milk, egg, slightly beaten, mix with the flour, mix well with mixer, pour into ice water, to add vegetable oil TM "generous gift"!

Step 2

These pancakes it is important to quickly bake in a very hot pan (preferably cast iron vintage)!

Step 3

To form portions - you can use a metal ring, cutting them pancakes the size you want.

Step 4

Fatty, beat chilled cream with sugar (2 h tablespoons or to taste) to the pomp and characteristic trace of halo on the surface, using a pastry bag put the cream on each pancake, decorate the top with berries in its taste.