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Rich pouch

Rich pouch

Option hearty and tasty toppings for the pancakes, which are especially good are hot! Help yourself!

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Ingredients for Rich pouch

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Rich pouch

Step 1

Mix sifted flour, salt, sugar. Combine milk, egg, slightly beaten, mix with the flour, mix well with a mixer, add the vegetable oil TM "generous gift"!

Step 2

Bake in a pan!

Step 3

Use a piece of baked meat (can be boiled), it is cut into small cubes, heat vegetable oil TM Oleyna, adding finely chopped Apple, cranberries, dried cherries.

Step 4

Into the metal ring post damn.

Step 5

Fill with stuffing, as the ties using a plate of the Apple with the cut out middle.