"Potion" preventive "We are against..."

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In early autumn, told me good people recipe "potions" preventive, saying that if it to eat, no ailments cold snaps. Decided to check for myself. Here at the end of winter, and neither to me nor to my favorite (PAH-PAH-PAH) never no sickness colds are not tied!!! Well, put simply, it is really during the winter I ate it "potion-jam" Yes, his household was feeding and really neither the temperature nor SARS, nor cold, nor flu, we haven't seen!!! Today did it "potion" again and decided to share with You, because checked on her, the result pleased.

Ingredients for "Potion" preventive "We are against..."

Step by step instruction of cooking "Potion" preventive "We are against..."

Шаг 1

Pour the berries into a blender...

Шаг 2

And punching until smooth.

Шаг 3

Add the honey: the honey is added 1:1 to the number already punched berries. The number of honey can vary more or less depending on desired sweetness, adding portions and trying.

Шаг 4

Punching our weight in a blender until smooth.

Шаг 5

Pour "potion" in a container and refrigerate.

Шаг 6

Every morning we eat our "potion" to 2 tablespoons for adults and 1 tablespoon for the children. And who boldly go into the garden, someone in the school who are on the job! Not only eat "potion" on the night since it besides antiproteinase effect, has an invigorating, strength increase effect, and the night need to rest. Stored it in the refrigerator is not kisnet, but not necessarily to do it a lot at once, I did it repeatedly throughout the winter as it is eating.

Шаг 7

This time, as winter cherries and cranberries I have frozen mixed together. Take the berry and potassiium until soft berries.