Roulade of Turkey thigh with herbs

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A delicious and hearty Turkey meatloaf, perfect for any festive table, to a sophisticated dinner party or family lunch. Juicy and aromatic, tangy, spicy marinade.

Ingredients for Roulade of Turkey thigh with herbs

Step by step instruction of cooking Roulade of Turkey thigh with herbs

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Products for cooking

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Hip Turkey wash (if necessary, remove the extra tape), dry with paper towel.
In 50 ml. of water dissolve 0,5 tsp salt and 0.5 tsp spicy seasoning (strain),
with a syringe-I make a spicy "injections" in the thickest places of the thigh the Turkey.

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Tear off leaves of rosemary and thyme, finely chopped (tbsp. each of herbs), cesac, peel, crush the flat side of a knife.
Expand the thigh of the Turkey, sprinkle inside with salt, spicy seasoning, spread on the surface of a mixture of herbs and crushed garlic, turn the meat roll, secure with cooking cord Sergo meat sprinkle spicy seasoning.

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Place in an airtight container (a plastic Cup (1.5 liters) with leakproof lid) for 6 hours (one day) in the fridge.

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Marinated meat grease with vegetable oil, season with a little salt on the outside, place in roasting sleeve (sleeve do not pierce).

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Oven 220 degrees=30 minutes, then turn down the heat to 160 and cook for a further 1 hour.

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To roast meat, prepare vegetables for the grill:

Washed squash, zucchini, sweet peppers (cut into large slices), cherry tomatoes, fold into a bowl, add 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil, generously sprinkle hot spices.
Roast the vegetables on a grill pan.

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Prepared meat remove from oven, remove the dressing cord, cut into portions, serve with grilled vegetables.