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Pancakes with garlic-noevym pate

Pancakes with garlic-noevym pate

Chickpea is a very tasty and healthy. Want to offer your own version of fillings for pancakes of chickpea, i.e. cook garbanzo bean pate with garlic, which will give the dish a sharpness.

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Pancakes with garlic-noevym pate

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancakes with garlic-noevym pate

Step 1

Make the batter for pancakes from milk, eggs, sugar, salt and flour. Add to the dough sunflower oil TM Oleina.

Step 2

Chickpeas must be soaked for 2-3 hours and then boil until tender. Cool slightly and pass it through a meat grinder. Through a meat grinder and also the noise of the shelled boiled eggs. Mix well.

Step 3

Garlic peel and chop. Add it to the bulk, put salt to taste. Garlic choose for your own taste if you want spicier, then add more.
Add mayonnaise or sour cream and stir. Garlic-garbanzo bean pate is ready.

Step 4

Put the pancake on a Board and with the pate.

Step 5

Cover with another pancake, it also lubricates pate, but a bit.

Step 6

Turn in a roll and wishes is cut into two parts, as I have.
Rolls spread on a plate and served to the table. These rolls are perfectly combined with first courses and look great on the holiday table.

Bon appetit!