Loaf pancake in Suzdal

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To be honest, I don't know why in the book he called the loaf. In my understanding is quite another. But wouldn't call this dish, it turns out it is very tasty and hearty. Especially if it is served with butter or sour cream.

Ingredients for Loaf pancake in Suzdal

Step by step instruction of cooking Loaf pancake in Suzdal

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In a small amount of warm milk to dilute the fresh yeast. Add sugar, salt and remaining milk, mix well. Add the sifted flour, eggs and mix until smooth. Enter the butter and mix again.
Put the dough for 3-4 hours in a warm place. During fermentation, the dough must be stirred several times, as it is lifting.

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Then bake the pancakes, frying them on both sides.

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While our dough is suitable, we will prepare a filling. In the recipe specified dried mushrooms ( 50 g ), but I prefer fresh. In this case, oyster. To do this, we wash mushrooms and finely chop. Cut onion finely. In a pan heat oil and fry onions and mushrooms until tender.

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Buckwheat boil until tender. Mix well. I added 1 fresh egg to keep the stuffing better kept, although in the recipe it was not. But it is optional.
Form of grease with butter and put the bottom of the first pancake. On it a layer of meat and cover with the second pancake. Again, the meat and so sandwiching all of the pancakes.

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The top layer should be pancake.
Lubricate the top and sides with oil and place in oven at t=180 for about 10 mins until browned.

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The finished loaf to put on a dish and cut into portions. Very tasty, watering melted butter or with sour cream, drinking hot sweet tea.