"Sour" pancakes with a sauce of pickled mushrooms

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The batter for these pancakes is prepared according to an old Slavic recipe that use sour milk. These pancakes turn out very tasty. Perfect for these pancakes filling or sauce of any pickled mushrooms (I used pickled chanterelles). It would seem that more recently, we spun the jars with mushrooms; how else can submit the mushrooms to the table, except in the form of cold snacks? Here we will make a sauce or stuffing for pancakes.

Ingredients for "Sour" pancakes with a sauce of pickled mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking "Sour" pancakes with a sauce of pickled mushrooms

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Make the pancakes: Beat the eggs with a mixer on medium speed, adding sugar and salt or use a whisk. Pour the egg mass to one-third sour milk (all the ingredients should be warm, including milk), gradually, stirring the dough, pour the sifted flour in portions, making sure that no lumps. The remaining liquid pour, whisking the mixture with a mixer, until it bubbles, or hand whisk. The batter should be light, airy, sufficiently liquid (adjust the amount of flour, focusing on it), the more dense and viscous the dough is, the thicker pancakes than thinner – the thinner.

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. Add hydrated soda and sunflower oil Oleina if the dough is too thick – add a little boiling water. Bake pancakes in the usual way: coat the pan with oil Oleina

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Pour the batter by twisting the pan to cook the pancakes on both sides until Browning.

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Make sauce: Whisk, beat the egg, pour the cream, add the lemon zest, put the sauce in a water bath (or double boiler) and whisk to bring until thick, pour lemon juice, salt.

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Slice the mushrooms and the capers, Pat dry, add to the thickened sauce to warm them up.

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If you make thinner, then use as a sauce. If thicker, then as a filling for pancakes.

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Serve with pancakes. Bon appetit!