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Pancakes on the mineral water with carrots and raisins

Pancakes on the mineral water with carrots and raisins

At the end of the Carnival today was making pancakes on mineral water and whey. The crepes are very good for filling any filling. Today I steamed carrots, raisins and Adygei cheese.

Cooking time 180 minutes Number of servings10

Ingredients for Pancakes on the mineral water with carrots and raisins

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancakes on the mineral water with carrots and raisins

Step 1

The products required. In the photo is the nuts at the last moment I decided to replace the Adyghe cheese, but the photo was already done.

Step 2

Sift flour and gradually add eggs, whey (milk), salt and finally the mineral water. Products should be warm. Add 3 tbsp oil "generous gift" and the whole thoroughly kneaded.

Step 3

Begin to bake. For the 1st pancake pour a little oil "Oleina!, the dough spreads very smoothly from the middle of the pan to the brim.

Step 4

Turn over the pancakes very easy. Bake all the dough. I got about 25 pancakes. These pancakes are very suitable for any filling. Meat, fish, vegetable and so They are very resilient.

Step 5

Today, make a stuffing of carrots, raisins and Adyghe cheese (I wanted to do in a nut sprinkles), but refused. Carrots to RUB on a large grater, put in a pan, add water, 100-150ml. and saute until tender (add water gradually) When the carrot reached half-ready, add the raisins, and grated (large grater), Adygei cheese 120 gr., sprinkle with cinnamon, mix well. Filling all ingredients need to be prepared.

Step 6

Start filling the crepes with the filling, wrap envelope.

Step 7

Here are our pancakes

Step 8

Begin to fry in a small amount of oil "generous gift" from two sides

Step 9

Today I served with apricot jam. Here such turned out vegetable pancakes, at the end of the Carnival and the transition to the Post. I believe (as a believer) on Saturday and Sunday it is possible to prepare. You can eliminate balls of dough (they will still be good to roll), and filling can be done with mashed potatoes (add onions), or cabbage (also with onions or carrots). Bon appetit!