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Pancakes "Kaleidoscope"

Pancakes "Kaleidoscope"

Unusual filling with an exotic mix of canned squid and avocado, which I represent on your court, was first tested a year ago. when in addition, nothing in the fridge was not ) Like the taste effect is a gentle, intelligent taste avocado and elastic salty flesh of the squid from the iron banks created the fireworks!

Cooking time 40 minutes Number of servings10

Ingredients for Pancakes "Kaleidoscope"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancakes "Kaleidoscope"

Step 1

So, we need - definitely 2 cans of canned squid, 2 ripe, juicy avocado, 2 green Apple, 100 g of pine nuts, which will give a unique touch to our pancakes! Soy sauce for the filling, also you can fill with sunflower oil.

Step 2

All should be cut into approximately equal cubes

Step 3

And nuts you bake without oil (!), without this in any way, they get lost in the stuffing!

Step 4

Half a lemon to squeeze, but need a little juice - just sprinkle with avocado and Apple that they are kept presentable.

Step 5

Pancakes I baked the day before with your favorite oil Oleina)

Step 6

The fun begins!

Step 7

Spread some of the filling

Step 8

Turn, a little before reaching the edge

Step 9

It turns out the triangle envelope

Step 10

And a small detail - a collar!

Step 11


Step 12

You can safely eat)