Arab pancakes "Kataev"

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Kataev – lush, plump pancakes made from a yeast dough, one of the most popular desserts in the Middle East. Arab cooking pancakes is very different from our traditional recipes. Yeast dough Matures only half an hour, the pancakes are small, no more than a coffee saucer, and Golden brown on one side only. Still hot fold the bag, and when cool, the crepes filled with stuffing, exceptionally sweet. It could be custard, and sweet curds, caramelized apples, nuts, sugar and dried fruit.

Ingredients for Arab pancakes "Kataev"

Step by step instruction of cooking Arab pancakes "Kataev"

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For the dough, yeast, sugar and salt pour hot milk. Stir. Pour a Cup of flour, whisk whisk. All lumps must be broken. The density of the batter will be like liquid sour cream. Cover it, leave near a warm plate for 30 minutes.

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After an hour the dough will be gaining oxygen, will become loose, the surface is covered with many small air bubbles.

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Collect the dough a little polkovnikom and pour it into the pan. The pan lube oil " generous gift ". Make any fire and podrumyanivaya pancakes only on the lower side. The top should be grilled, but not fried.

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Remove the pancakes on a large Board, fold each separately from the other. The upper side will remain soft and bright. The bottom Browns to a beautiful Golden color. Roll the still warm pancakes basket. Out of the corner very easily connected and the pancakes hold their shape well.

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RUB the yolks with sugar, vanilla sugar and flour. To remove the zest from one orange. In a saucepan pour the milk, add the zest. Milk to boil. Pour the hot milk into the yolk-sugar mixture, mix well. Cook, stirring, until thick.

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Fill kataifi cream and serve with coffee or a Cup of strong tea.