Filling for pancakes "Sea breeze"

133 - 40 минут 10 порции

My hostesses! Represent you favorite filling mom - mackerel hot smoked, soft cheese, pickle and special dressing of natural yoghurt!

Ingredients for Filling for pancakes "Sea breeze"

Step by step instruction of cooking Filling for pancakes "Sea breeze"

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Blinkov I baked the night before, yeah they are handsome!

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The required ingredients. Lemon, sprats and fresh herbs - for decoration. Greens walks over)

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Then, my dear hostess, cut all ingredients about the same cubes. As I was doing the filling - whisk yogurt whipped with dill, salt and Basil, yogurt, I took 170 gr)

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Another angle

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Another one! Beloved husband said: "in restaurant"!

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Here are all modern devices. Top - 1 fish spatenka, chetvertinki and zelenushka)

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Krasoten! Eat up, girls!