Pancakes with ricotta and black currants

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Thin crepes, creamy ricotta and fragrant currants, what could be better? The day of Forgiveness Sunday, I sincerely ask you to forgive me for all the wrongs and sorrows that I, intentionally or accidentally, could bring You to! Let them remain in the past and not spoil our friendship! I congratulate You, my dear cooks on this holiday and in turn, forgive You!

Ingredients for Pancakes with ricotta and black currants

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with ricotta and black currants

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Prepare the batter for the pancakes according to your favorite recipe. Bake pancakes on both sides in a well heated pan at high temperature. Before baking the first pancake grease the pan with sunflower oil "Oleyna".
Ricotta lightly sweeten with powdered sugar.

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Damn lubricated with a thin layer of ricotta, cover with the second pancake. On pancakes put the ricotta with two storon, in the centre lay the prepared currants (currants mixed with sugar). Then both edges with cheese, wrap to the center and turn the pancake roll. Wrap another pancake.

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Bliny a roll, wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. Before serving, cut the rolls in two and serve.