Pancake tart-Tatin with persimmon and walnuts

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Filling for pancakes: carmelitana persimmon with walnuts. I love persimmons, especially in the winter ) Is a variation known worldwide tart-taten - turns out tender carmelitana persimmon with a wonderful flavor of walnuts. Caramel sauce with the lemon note will appeal to fans of sweet with a slight acidity!

Ingredients for Pancake tart-Tatin with persimmon and walnuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancake tart-Tatin with persimmon and walnuts

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My dear girls, I offer simple in execution recipe, however, in my own experience objecis in the literal sense of the word, I warn you - NEVER, you HEAR me? NEVER TRY THE TASTE OF FRESHLY MADE CARAMEL! My finger healed 3 weeks, and the cry from contact with the hot caramel lava was forced in fear to run neighbors ) Pancakes baked to your original recipe, recipe from my family.

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Cut the persimmon into slices, each fruit 8 to 10 slices

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So, caramel sauce - any pan put all the sugar, mix well with a wooden spatula it with water and lemon juice, which will depend on the taste of the dish. Place frying pan over medium heat, stirring lightly. Important: when the mixture taposiris, leave her alone, not allowed to interfere with, or violated, the concentration of caramel.

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In this condition and color it is necessary to bring caramel sauce. Golden brown - the value of the finished caramel. Now you need to pour hot caramel on a dry pan or baking as in my case, very carefully, I got burned once and it was a very vivid experience )

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A La carte pancake tarte-Tatin - a way to vary the usual sweet pancakes )

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