Pancakes with fish and carrots

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Beautiful and delicious pancakes with juicy stuffing.

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Ingredients for Pancakes with fish and carrots

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with fish and carrots

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Ingredients for the dough.

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The ingredients for the filling. Cod pickled for 30 minutes in the spices and soy sauce Kikkoman.

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Before pancakes, I prepared the filling. Fish fried on both sides. Have passerovat onions and carrots.
Fish crumbled with your hands into small pieces, combined with the carrots and onions. Mixed.

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Now for the pancakes. Screened in a bowl the flour, break egg, put salt, sugar, turmeric, baking powder, dry spices, herbs and poured the buttermilk, milk and butter.

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The dough is well mixed. Bake pancakes.

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Get 10 yellow pancakes.

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In the center of each pancake put in 1.5 tbsp of filling and wrapped in a roll. So the rolls are not unwound it together with skewers.

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Sons pancakes eaten with sour cream.

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Delicious, soft crepes and a very juicy filling.