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Dessert "Three wishes for Cinderella"

Dessert "Three wishes for Cinderella"

Versatile and delicate bouquet of flavors and aromas of the dessert will make You softness and lightness. The name is associated with the fact that it combines the three flavors of walnut, coconut and almond.

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Ingredients for Dessert "Three wishes for Cinderella"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Dessert "Three wishes for Cinderella"

Step 1

Walnuts fry on a dry pan. Clear from films and milled into flour.

Step 2

Turn on the oven warm-up 170 degrees. Mix flour, cocoa powder and ground walnuts.

Step 3

Two eggs divided into yolks and whites, the whites put into the refrigerator. To the yolks add two whole eggs and sugar. Whisk until the formation of fluffy foam.

Step 4

To eggs add flour mixture, mix well, add the baking powder. The finished dough pour with with a parchment separable form (22-24 cm). Put the cake in to bake until done.

Step 5

Cooled Korzh put in the form in which we collect our dessert and put them in the freezer. Ladle mix 30g of gelatin and 5 tablespoons of sugar, pour 200ml of water. Put heat on the stove. Gray as long as the gelatin will not disperse fully. Do not boil.

Step 6

Cream and coconut milk, beat and pour gelatin syrup. Take out of the freezer the cake and fill it with coconut mixture. Remove back in the freezer for 1 hour.

Step 7

After an hour, mix the almond and maple syrup, add gelatin and 50 ml. of water, put heat on the stove and bring to dissolve the gelatin. Grind almonds to a fine dust. And should be mixed with the gelatin.

Step 8

Whisk the whites to firm peaks, then add the almond gelatin mixture and gently stir.

Step 9

Spread the cream on top of coconut layer. Refrigerate for 4 hours, until fully cured.

Step 10

Get dessert, cut into cakes decorate wish and serve. When cut it turned out that, the Central part of the cake emerged, therefore, in the context of the dessert began to look even more intriguing.