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Pistachio-mint sauce for pancakes

Pistachio-mint sauce for pancakes

Frankly - I do my head is spinning the idea to create a pistachio sauce. On the Internet I have come across only butter-pistachio or pistachio custard cream. So I decided - was-not was, will make that experience a little bit. Turned out very tender, the sauce is light green in color with an elegant hint of mint and the unique flavor of these southern nuts!

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Pistachio-mint sauce for pancakes

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pistachio-mint sauce for pancakes

Step 1

The best combination is a flavorful pancakes and pistachio-mint sauce! Pancakes baked in a special recipe, secret )))

Step 2

All that we need!

Step 3

The sauce is ready! Do not be fooled that it is watery after 10 minutes, he primustel, and while we make pancakes. Everyone is already bored with the usual round pancakes, let this is a classic, so we will do serdecznie!

Step 4

Wrap the pancake into a tube...

Step 5

Then connect the two ends to make a kind of cushion and cut to the middle!

Step 6

Turn the cut ends - get a heart!

Step 7

Simple and delicious - a refreshing bright the sauce is ready!

Step 8


Step 9

All fresh mint ideas)