Fritters of celery, zucchini, feta and lentils

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Are pancakes like in Greece and Turkey as an appetizer or a light main dish. They are especially good warm with cool natural Yogurt. And celery stalks create squash the dough a nice texture. Well, lentils adds the necessary plant proteins, however, only improves the taste.

Ingredients for Fritters of celery, zucchini, feta and lentils

Step by step instruction of cooking Fritters of celery, zucchini, feta and lentils

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The necessary ingredients

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The celery to remove the tough outer fibers. Celery and zucchini (separately) to pass through the blender ( or chopper) that would have been the same faction. Salt. Let stand 10 minutes, then squeeze and drain the liquid (to get 200 -250 g). In the original the zucchini using a coarse grater, celery and thinly slice.

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Now add chopped greens, feta, egg, lentils are ready, mix everything thoroughly, well, and lastly the sifted flour.

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All mix and start baking. ATTENTION! Frying pan should be with a thick bottom.

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Bake pancakes need over medium heat on both sides.

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I specifically showed how easily flips pancakes. Expensive pleasure to work with the dough. I of course deviated from the original recipe, found such a component (lentils), which made this dish "refined" if you repeat exactly you will agree with me, of Course, if we have the same tastes.